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Watching Upon the Present - 2 (Sorami) 
2015                   Wood painted by Acrylic 
H69 x W37x D19"


2014                     Burned wood(Red Oak)                H2.5 x W16 x D1.5 Feet

   2014                     Burned wood(Ginkgo Tree) 
    H38.5 x W13.5 x D14.5"

   Black Entity
   2014                     Burned wood                     H24 x W6 x D4 "

  Man Performing in New York '09 - '13
  2013                   Burnt Wood painted by Acrylic with Varnish
  H28.25 x W14.5 x D7"

Woman Singing in New York '13
2013                   Burnt Wood painted by Acrylic with Varnish
H24.25 x W13 x D8"

Man with Skateboard ’13
2013                   Burnt Wood painted by Acrylic with Varnish
H23 x W19 x D7.5"

 Elderly Man in New York  ’09 - ’13
 2013                   Burnt Wood painted by Acrylic with Varnish
 H29 x W15 x D8.25"

Man Raising Hands  in New York ’09 - ’13
2013                   Burnt Wood painted by Acrylic with Varnish
H30.25 x W8.5 x D9.75"

  Man Carrying Red Bag in New York ’09 - ’13
  2013                   Burnt Wood painted by Acrylic with Varnish
  H27 x W10 x D8"

      Man in Chelsea in New York ’09 - ’13
       2013                   Burnt Wood painted by Acrylic with Varnish
       H26 x W10 x D11"

Grammy in New York ’09 - ’13
2013                   Burnt Wood painted by Acrylic with Varnish
H20.5 x W14 x D12"

People Talking in New York ’13
2013                   Burnt Wood painted by Acrylic with Varnish

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  Man Asking for Money in New York ’09 - ’13
  2013                   Burnt Wood painted by Acrylic with Varnish
  H11 x W14 x D12"


   Lotus Base for Ordinary People
   2013                Red Oak               H3.6 x W15x D15 Feet
    Haines Falls, New York

    Black Gaze '13 - 6
     2013                      Burnt Wood
     H29.4 x W10.75 x D7.25 "

    Black Gaze '13 - 5
     2013                  Burnt Wood 
     H29.3 x W10.5 x D8.3 "

   Black Gaze '13 - 4
    2013                  Burnt Wood 
    H29.5 x W10 x D8 "

  Black Gaze '13 - 3
  2013                  Burnt Wood
  H28.75 x W11 x D7.5 "

    Black Gaze '13 - 2
     2013                  Burnt Wood
     H30 x W11 x D9 "

    Black Gaze '13 - 1
     2013                  Burnt Wood
     H28.5 x W12 x D10 "