2017                  White Marble                   H79 x W74 x D47"               
 Beylikdüzü Valley of Life (park) / Istanbul, Turkey



2016                Travertine Marble                  H70.5 x W48 x D71"
Kömürcüoğlu Mermer Aş / Denizli, Turkey

  Installation View for Foot & Self-Head



2013                Travertine Marble                  H65 x W52 x D70"
Kömürcüoğlu Mermer Aş / Denizli, Turkey          

 Suppressed Head
 2014                   Granite                     
 H65 x W47 x D53"
 Ryogochuo Elementary School / Tochigi, Japan

In modern society, it cannot be overemphasized that there are many people of today who rely on them, such as a mobile phone, a personal computer or game consoles are easily utilized as a tool which confirms own existence value and identity. 
It is not for me to wipe away those degenerating feelings even though it hardens personal appearance with a secured relief. It will be presented here attempt to consider such a thing, in a contrasting approach, confirm the identity and own existence value.
That I hope which this primitive object consisting of physical work becomes a stimulant to the feeling lost as well on the side to see, playing a role as a tool of some sort of certain influence.


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                 Under working in progress.

  2014                  Lime Stone, Travertine Marble
  H105 x W100 x D78"                 Dokuz Eylül University / Izmir, Turkey


          Photo by Bryan Thomas for Wall Street Journal

   Watching Upon the Present

    2012                 Marble, Aluminium, Steel               H5.5 x W9 x D13'

    Westhampton, NY


  Portrait II
  2011                   Black marble            H11 x W9.5 x D13"


               Black Gaze I
2007                  Black Marble & Black Granite Base
 Arakawa Park / Tokyo, Japan

 Black Gaze I  &  Black Gaze II
2007                   Black Marble & Black Granite Base