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 SP 17, June 1/2
 2017                   Wood painted by Acrylic                    
 H27.5 x W8.5 x D4.5"                           



  Photo: in Krakow by Grzesiek Mart 


  SP 17, June 2/2
   2017                  Wood painted by Acrylic
H27 x W7.5 x D4.5"        


    SP 17, March
     2017                  Wood painted by Acrylic                   
 H27 x W9 x D5"


SP 16, March 2/2
2016                   Wood painted by Acrylic
H26.7 x W8.5 x D5"

    SP 16, March 1/2
     2016                    Wood painted by Acrylic                     W26.7 x W7.5 x D4.5" 

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