Sequoyah  Aono 
    Born in Naples, Italy; Grown in Tokyo, Japan. Reside in NYC.

2007    -MFA in Sculpture, Tokyo University of the Arts
2005    -BFA in Sculpture, Tokyo University of the Arts
2012    -The Art Students League of New York  

Solo Exhibitions
2017    -Identity of the difference     Marta Shefter Gallery / Krakow, Poland
2016    -Evidence of Existence     Infinito Gallery / NYC
2013    -Process of Perceiving     P339_cpny Gallery / Brooklyn, NY
2011    -Face to Face (thru Jan. 2012)     Chashama 461Gallery / NYC
2010    -Governors Island Art Fair 2010     Governors Island, NYC

Selected Exhibitions & Activities
2017    -4th Beylikdüzü Int'l Stone Sculpture Symposium / Istanbul, Turkey 
   ~'12  -The 21th JAA Art Exhibition   JAA Hall / NYC
2016    -Crown Heights Film Festival   FiveMyles Gallery / Brooklyn, NY
-Kömürcüoğlu Int’l 6. Stone Sculpture Colony / Denizli, Turkey
2015    -The League Residency at VYT / Sparkill, NY
2014    -Artist in Residence at Haslla Art World / Korea
-17th Nasunogahara Int’l Arts Symposium in Ohtawara / Tochigi, Japan
-Asklepios : Int'l Stone Sculpture Symposium / Izmir, Turkey
-Fiction in Reality   Three-Person Show at ISE Cultural Foundation / NYC
2013    -The New Florence Biennale   at the Fortezza da Basso / Florence, Italy
-Komurcuoglu 3. Int'l Stone Sculpture Colony / Denizli, Turkey
-Outwin Boochever Portrait Competition 2013   one year show at  
                Smithsonian Nat'l Portrait Gallery / Wash, DC  
2012    -Beyond Rodin: Contemporary Figurative Sculpture
                The Rye Arts Center / Rye, NY
-Heads   Lori Bookstein Fine Art / NYC
2011    -M2M Project (thru June. 2012)   ASL / NYC
-7th Int'l Bildhauer Symposium Davos / Switzerland
-2nd Int'l Sculptors Symposium in Ahrntal Valley / Italy
2010    -The Affordable Art Fair New York City 2010 / NYC
2009    -Young Artist ISE Cultural Foundation Supports
    Tamada Project Temporary Contemporary / Tokyo, Japan
2007    -3rd Outdoor Exhibition for Selected 6 Sculptors (thru July. 2012)

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